Part # GS-BT2416C1 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Bluetooth Class 1 Module

Part Details:

GS-BT2416C1 Bluetooth class 1 module Features Bluetooth specification V.1.2 compliant Output power class 1 ( 20 dBm max) Transmission rate up to 721Kbps Working distance up to 100 meters ACL & SCO links AFH interference resistance Supports USB (1.1) /UART/PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) /SPI/I2C interfaces Optimized link manager and control Order codes Support wireless LAN coexistence in collocated scenario GS-BT2416C1 Integrated 4Mbit flash, 64Kbytes RAM, 4KBytes ROM Description 3.3V single supply voltage ST Bluetooth Modules are highly integrated for Hardware based UART flow control easy implementation in embedded applications. Applications Class 1 modules enable wireless communication with other Bluetooth enabled devices up to 100 m Serial cable replacement away. The GS-BT2416C1 integrates on a unique Industrial control FR4 PCB support: BT 1.2 radio and baseband, memory, 32 KHz and 13 MHz oscillators, Vreg as POS terminals well as PA function. The antenna has not been Data acquisition equipment included in order to grant a degree of freedom to Internet access points the user in selecting the most suitable design and Machine control placement between external and integrated antenna that could be SMA aerial or a low cost Sensor monitoring antenna trace designed on PCB. For more details Robotic and bionic control please refer to GS-BT2416C1DB Application Security control Note. Modules are coming without any SW to Patient monitoring offer a further freedom degree to user that can embed his own solution or any available BT Audio gateway applications certified SW upon his choose and preference. Hands-free sets Wireless printers Certification Cordless terminals Laptops, PCs and accessories CE Compliant IMQ Exp. Opinion 0081- AREF0017 Hand held devices and accessories ­ Safety EN60950-1 (2001) HID devices (keyboard, mouse, joystick, game ­ EMC EN301 489 17V1.2.1 controller) ­ Radio ES 300 328 V1.6 BQB compliant August 2007 Rev 3

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