Part # AD7709 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7709 16-Bit Sigma-Delta ADC with Switchable Current Sources Data Sheet (REV. A)

Part Details:

a 16-Bit - ADC with Switchable Current Sources AD7709 FEATURES APPLICATIONS 16-Bit - ADC Sensor Measurement Programmable Gain Front End Temperature Measurement Simultaneous 50 Hz and 60 Hz Rejection at 20 Hz Pressure Measurements Update Rate Weigh Scales VREF SelectTM Allows Absolute and Ratiometric Portable Instrumentation Measurement Capability 4­20 mA Loops ISOURCE SelectTM GENERAL DESCRIPTION 16-Bit No Missing Codes The AD7709 is a complete analog front end for low frequency 13-Bit p-p Resolution @ 20 Hz, 20 mV Range measurement applications. It contains a 16-bit - ADC, selectable 16-Bit p-p Resolution @ 20 Hz, 2.56 V Range reference inputs, three switchable matched excitation current INTERFACE sources, low-side power switches, and a digital I/O port. The 3-Wire Serial 16-bit channel with PGA accepts fully differential, unipolar, SPI®, QSPITM, MICROWIRETM, and DSP Compatible and bipolar input signal ranges from 1.024 REFIN/128 to Schmitt Trigger on SCLK 1.024 REFIN. It can be configured as two fully differentialinput channels or four pseudo-differential input channels. Signals POWER can be converted directly from a transducer without the need for Specified for Single 3 V and 5 V Operation signal conditioning. Normal: 1.25 mA Typ @ 3 VPower-Down: 7 A (32.768 kHz Crystal Running) The device operates from a 32.768 kHz crystal with an on-chipPLL generating the required internal operating frequency. The ON-CHIP FUNCTIONS output data rate from the part is software programmable. The Rail-to-Rail Input Buffer and PGA p-p resolution from the part varies with the programmed gain Selectable Reference Inputs and output data rate. 3 Switchable, Ratioed Current Sources for The part operates from a single 3 V or 5 V supply. When VBE Measurements operating from 3 V supplies, the power dissipation for the part 4-Bit Digital I/O Port is 3.75 mW. The AD7709 is housed in a 24-lead TSSOP package. Low-Side Power Switches FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM REFIN1(+) REFIN2(+)

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