Part # MAX3787 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX3787 DS

Part Details:

19-0406; Rev 2; 2/08 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE 1Gbps to 12.5Gbps Passive Equalizer for Backplanes and Cables MAX3787 General Description Features The MAX3787 is a 1Gbps to 12.5Gbps equalization No Power Supply Required network that compensates for transmission medium loss- Small 1.5mm x 1.5mm Chip-Scale Package es encountered with FR4 and cables. The equalizationnetwork is composed entirely of passive components Passive Equalization Reduces ISI and functions equally well for 8b/10b or scrambled sig- Operates from 1Gbps to 12.5Gbps nals. It is packaged in a small 1.5mm x 1.5mm chip- scale package (UCSPTM) that can be placed anywhere Extends Board Link along the transmission medium to increase jitter margin Extends Cable Link for high-speed interconnects. Roughly the size of two Coding Independent, 8b/10b or Scrambled 0603 components, the MAX3787 easily provides place-ment and routing flexibility. Ordering Information At 8.5Gbps, the MAX3787 compensates for spans up to18in of FR4 and 7m of cable. At 12.5Gbps, the MAX3787 PIN- PKG PART TEMP RANGE compensates for spans up to 12in of FR4 and 3m of PACKAGE CODE cable. Input and output impedance is 100 differential. MAX3787ABL -40°C to +125°C 4 UCSP B9-7 The MAX3787 requires no power and operates over a -40°C to +125°C temperature range. MAX3787AWL+ -40°C to +125°C 4 WLP W91B1+3 +Denotes a lead-free package. Applications Pin Configuration Backplane Interconnect Compensation TOP VIEW Cable Interconnect Compensation 1 2 3 Chip-to-Chip Link Extensions A

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