Part # AVS10 AVS10CBI AVS10CB datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

® AVS10 AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE SWITCH (SMPS < 300W) CONTROLLER s 50/60Hz FULL COMPATIBILITY s INTEGRATED VOLTAGE REGULATOR s TRIGGERING PULSE TRAIN OF THE TRIAC s PARASITIC FILTER A2 s LOW POWER CONSUMPTION TRIAC G A2 s HIGH EFFICIENCY AND SAFETY SWITCHING A1 s UNINSULATED PACKAGE : AVS10CB s INSULATED PACKAGE 2500V(RMS) : AVS10CBI AVS1ACP08 AVS10CB DIP-8 TO-220AB s VDRM = ± 600 V s IT(RMS) : 8A DESCRIPTION PIN CONNECTION The AVS10 kit is an automatic mains selector(110/220V AC) to be used in SMPS < 300 W. It iscomposed of 2 devices : s The Controller is optimized for low VSS 1 8 VM consumption and high security triggering of thetriac. When connected to VSS, the mode input activates an additional option. If the mainpower drops from 220V to 110V, the triac Osc / In 2 7 Mode control remains locked to the 220V mode andavoids any high voltage spike when the voltageis restored to 220V. Osc / Out 3 6 N.C. When connected to VDD, the mode input desactivates this option.

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AVS10 AVS10CBI AVS10CB.pdf Datasheet