Part # LMH6724 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6723 LMH6724 LMH6725 Single Dual Quad 370 MHz 1 mA Current Feedback Operational Amplifier

Part Details:

LMH6723/LMH6724/LMH6725 August 2005 LMH6723/LMH6724/LMH6725Single/Dual/Quad 370 MHz 1 mA Current FeedbackOperational AmplifierGeneral Description Features The LMH6723/LMH6724/LMH6725 provides a 260 MHz n Large signal bandwidth and slew rate 100% tested small signal bandwidth at a gain of +2 V/V and a 600 V/µs n 370 MHz bandwidth (A = 1, V = 0.5 V ) -3 dB V OUT PP slew rate while consuming only 1 mA from ±5V supplies. BW The LMH6723/LMH6724/LMH6725 supports video applica- n 260 MHz (A = +2 V/V, V = 0.5 V ) -3 dB BW V OUT PP tions with its 0.03% and 0.11° differential gain and phase for n 1 mA supply current NTSC and PAL video signals. The LMH6723/LMH6724/ n 110 mA linear output current Single/Dual/Quad LMH6725 also offers a flat gain response of 0.1 dB to 100 n 0.03%, 0.11° differential gain, phase MHz. Additionally, the LMH6723/LMH6724/LMH6725 can n 0.1 dB gain flatness to 100 MHz deliver 110 mA of linear output current. This level of perfor- n Fast slew rate: 600 V/µs mance, as well as a wide supply range of 4.5 to 12V, makesthe LMH6723/LMH6724/LMH6725 an ideal op amp for a n Unity gain stable variety of portable applications. The LMH6723/LMH6724/ n Single supply range of 4.5 to 12V LMH6725 s small packages (TSSOP, SOIC & SOT23), low n Improved replacement for CLC450, CLC452, (LMH6723) power requirement and high performance allow the LMH6723/LMH6724/LMH6725 to serve a wide variety of Applications portable applications. n Line driver The LMH6723/LMH6724/LMH6725 is manufactured in Na- n Portable video tional s VIP10TM complimentary bipolar process.

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