Part # STLVD210B datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

STLVD210 DIFFERENTIAL LVDS CLOCK DRIVER s 100ps PART-TO-PART SKEW s 50ps BANK SKEW s DIFFERENTIAL DESIGN s MEETS LVDS SPEC. FOR DRIVEROUTPUTS AND RECEIVER INPUTS s REFERENCE VOLTAGE AVAILABLEOUTPUT VBB s LOW VOLTAGE VCC RANGE OF 2.375V TO 2.625V s HIGH SIGNALLING RATE CAPABILITY(EXCEEDS 700MHz) s SUPPORT OPEN, SHORT, AND TQFP32 TERMINATED INPUT FAIL-SAFE (LOWOUTPUT STATE) s PROGRAMMABLE DRIVERS POWER OFFCONTROL DESCRIPTION STLVD210 is specifically designed, modelled and The STLVD210 is a low skew programmable produced with low skew as the key goal. Optimal 1-to-5 dual differential LVDS driver, designed with design and layout serve to minimize gate to gate clock distribution in mind. The LVDS input signals skew within a device. The net result is a can be either differential or single-ended if the dependable guaranteed low skew device. VBB output is used. The STLVD210 can be used for high performance The STLVD210 is provided with a 11 bit shift clock distribution in 2.5V systems with LVDS register with a serial in and a Control Register. levels. Designers can be take advantage of the The purpose is to enable or power off each output device s performance to distribute low skew clock channel and to select the clock input. The clocks across the backplane or the board. ORDERING CODES Temperature Type Package Comments Range STLVD210BF -40 to 85 °C TQFP32 (Tray) 250 parts per Tray STLVD210BFR -40 to 85 °C

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