Part # MAX5930A-MAX5931B datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5930A 31A 31B DS

Part Details:

19-4200; Rev 0; 7/08 Low-Voltage, Triple, Hot-Swap Controllers/ Power Sequencers/Voltage Trackers MAX5930A/MAX5931A/MAX5931B General Description Features The MAX5930A/MAX5931A/MAX5931B +1V to +15V o Safe Hot Swap for +1V to +15V Power Supplies triple hot-swap controllers provide complete protection with Any Input Voltage (VIN_) 2.7V for multisupply systems. They allow the safe insertion o Adjustable Circuit-Breaker/Current-Limit and removal of circuit cards into live backplanes. These Threshold from 25mV to 100mV devices hot swap multiple supplies ranging from +1V to+15V, provided one supply is at or above +2.7V. The o Configurable Tracking, Sequencing, or input voltage rails (channels) can be configured to Independent Operation Modes sequentially turn-on/off, track each other, or have com- o VariableSpeed/BiLevel Circuit-Breaker Response pletely independent operation. o Internal Charge Pumps Generate n-Channel The discharged filter capacitors of the circuit card provide MOSFET Gate Drives low impedance to the live backplane. High inrush cur- o Inrush Current Regulated at Startup rents from the backplane to the circuit card can burn upconnectors and components, or momentarily collapse the o Autoretry or Latched Fault Management backplane power supply leading to a system reset. The o Programmable Undervoltage Lockout MAX5930A/MAX5931A/MAX5931B hot-swap controllers o prevent such problems by gradually ramping up the out- Status Outputs Indicate Fault/Safe Condition put voltage and regulating the current to a preset limit Ordering Information when the board is plugged in, allowing the system to sta-bilize safely. After the startup cycle is complete, on-chip PART TEMP RANGE PIN-PACKAGE comparators provide VariableSpeed/BiLevelTM protection MAX5930AEEG+ -40°C to +85°C 24 QSOP against short-circuit and overcurrent faults, and provideimmunity against system noise and load transients. MAX5931AEEP+ -40°C to +85°C 20 QSOP The load is disconnected in the event of a fault condi- MAX5931BEEP+ -40°C to +85°C 20 QSOP tion. The MAX5930A/MAX5931A/MAX5931B fault-man- +Denotes a lead-free/RoHS-compliant package. agement mode is selectable, allowing latched fault orautoretry after a fault condition.

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