Part # MAX5941A-MAX5941B datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5941A DS

Part Details:

19-3069; Rev 4; 6/06 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE IEEE 802.3af-Compliant Power-Over-Ethernet Interface/PWM Controller for Power Devices MAX5941A/MAX5941B General Description Features The MAX5941A/MAX5941B integrate a complete power Powered Device Interface IC for powered devices (PD) in a power-over-ethernet Fully Integrated IEEE 802.3af-Compliant PD (PoE) system. The MAX5941A/MAX5941B provide a PD Interface interface and a compact DC-DC PWM controller suitablefor flyback and forward converters in either isolated or PD Detection and Programmable Classification nonisolated designs. Signatures The MAX5941A/MAX5941B PD interface complies with Less than 10µA Leakage Current Offset During the IEEE 802.3af standard, providing the PD with a detec- Detection tion signature, a classification signature, and an integrat- Integrated MOSFET for Isolation and Inrush ed isolation switch with programmable inrush current Current Limiting control. These devices also feature power-mode under-voltage lockout (UVLO) with wide hysteresis and power- Gate Output Allows External Control of the good status outputs. Internal Isolation FET The MAX5941A/MAX5941B also integrate all the building Programmable Inrush Current Control blocks necessary for implementing DC-DC fixed- Programmable Undervoltage Lockout frequency isolated power supplies. These devices are a PWM Controller current-mode controller with an integrated high startupcircuit suitable for isolated telecom/industrial voltage- Wide Input Range: 18V to 67V range power supplies. A high-voltage startup circuit Current-Mode Control allows the PWM controller to draw power directly from the Leading-Edge Blanking 18V to 67V input supply during startup. The switching fre- Internally Trimmed 275kHz ±10% Oscillator quency is internally trimmed to 275kHz ±10%, thusreducing magnetics and filter components. The Soft-Start MAX5941A allows an 85% operating duty cycle and canbe used to implement flyback converters. The MAX5941B Ordering Information limits the operating duty cycle to less than 50% and canbe used in single-ended forward converters. The PIN- M A X D U T Y MAX5941A/MAX5941B are designed to work with or with- PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE

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