Part # LMH6646 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6645 46 47 2.7V, 650µA, 55MHz, Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Amplifiers with Shutdown Option

Part Details:

Option LMH6645/46/47 June 2005 LMH6645/46/472.7V, 650µA, 55MHz, Rail-to-Rail Input and OutputAmplifiers with Shutdown Option 2.7V General Description Features , The LMHTM6645 (single) and LMH6646 (dual), rail-to-rail (V = 2.7V, T = 25°C, R = 1k to V+/2, A = +1. Typical 650µA, S A L V input and output voltage feedback amplifiers, offer high values unless specified). speed (55MHz), and low voltage operation (2.7V) in addition n -3dB BW 55MHz to micro-power shutdown capability (LMH6647, single). n Supply voltage range 2.5V to 12V Input common mode voltage range exceeds either supply by n Slew rate 22V/µs 0.3V, enhancing ease of use in multitude of applications n Supply current 650µA/channel 55MHz, where previously only inferior devices could be used. Output n Output short circuit current 42mA voltage range extends to within 20mV of either supply rails, n Linear output current ±20mA allowing wide dynamic range especially in low voltage appli-cations. Even with low supply current of 650µA/amplifier, n Input common mode voltage 0.3V beyond rails output current capability is kept at a respectable ±20mA for n Output voltage swing 20mV from rails driving heavier loads. Important device parameters such as n Input voltage noise 17nV/ Rail-to-Rail BW, Slew Rate and output current are kept relatively inde- n Input current noise 0.75pA/ pendent of the operating supply voltage by a combination ofprocess enhancements and design architecture. Applications In portable applications, the LMH6647 provides shutdown n Active filters capability while keeping the turn-off current to less than n High speed portable devices

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