Part # LM832 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM832 Dynamic Noise Reduction System DNR(RM)

Part Details:

LM832 Dynamic August 1989 LM832 Dynamic Noise Reduction System DNR General Description Features Noise The LM832 is a stereo noise reduction circuit for use with Y Low voltage battery operation audio playback systems The DNR system is noncomple- Y Non-complementary noise reduction ``single ended mentary meaning it does not require encoded source mate- Y Low cost external components no critical matching rial The system is compatible with virtually all prerecorded Y Compatible with all prerecorded tapes and FM Reduction tapes and FM broadcasts Psychoacoustic masking and an Y 10 dB effective tape noise reduction CCIR ARM adaptive bandwidth scheme allow the DNR to achieve 10 weighted dB of noise reduction DNR can save circuit board space Y Wide supply range 1 5V to 9V and cost because of the few additional components re- Y 150 mVrms input overload quired Y No royalty requirements The LM832 is optimized for low voltage operation with input Y Cascade connection for 17 dB noise reduction levels around 30 mVrms For higher input levels use the LM1894 System ApplicationsY Headphone stereo DNR is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation Y Microcassette players The DNR system is licensed to National Semiconductor Corp under U S patent 3 678 416 Y Radio cassette players and 3 753 159A trademark and licensing agreement is required for the use of this product Y Automotive radio tape players DNR Application Circuit

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