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Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: . AD7243

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a LC2MOS 12-Bit Serial DACPORT AD7243 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 12-Bit CMOS DAC with VDD On-Chip Voltage ReferenceOutput Amplifier Three Selectable Output Ranges 2R REFOUT ­5 V to +5 V, 0 V to +5 V, 0 V to +10 V ROFS Serial Interface 2R 300 kHz DAC Update Rate VOUT Small Size: 16-Lead DIP or SOIC 12 - BIT DAC REFIN Nonlinearity: 1/2 LSB TMIN to TMAX 12 AGND Low Power Dissipation: 100 mW Typical DAC LATCH AD7243 APPLICATIONS 12 DGND Process Control INPUT SHIFT REGISTER Industrial Automation VSS Digital Signal Processing SystemsInput/Output Ports SDIN CLR BIN/ SCLK SYNC LDAC DCEN SDO COMP GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD7243 is fabricated on Linear Compatible CMOS The AD7243 is a complete 12-bit, voltage output, digital-to- (LC2MOS), an advanced, mixed technology process. It is pack- analog converter with output amplifier and Zener voltage refer- aged in 16-lead DIP and 16-lead SOIC packages. ence on a monolithic CMOS chip. No external trims arerequired to achieve full specified performance. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS1. Complete 12-Bit DACPORT® The output amplifier is capable of developing +10 V across a The AD7243 is a complete, voltage output, 12-bit DAC on 2 k load. The output voltage ranges with single supply opera- a single chip. The single chip design is inherently more tion are 0 V to +5 V or 0 V to +10 V, while an additional bipo- reliable than multichip designs. lar ± 5 V output range is available with dual supplies. The rangesare selected using the internal gain resistor. 2. Single or Dual Supply Operation. The data format is natural binary in both unipolar ranges, while 3. Minimum 3-wire interface to most DSP processors.

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