Part # AD607 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD607 Low Power Mixer 3 V receiver IF Subsystem Data Sheet (REV. C)

Part Details:

a Low Power Mixer 3 V Receiver IF Subsystem AD607 FEATURES PIN CONFIGURATION Complete Receiver-on-a-Chip: Monoceiver® Mixer ­15 dBm 1 dB Compression Point 20-Lead SSOP ­8 dBm Input Third Order Intercept (RS Suffix) 500 MHz RF and LO Bandwidths Linear IF Amplifier Linear-in-dB Gain Control FDIN 1 20 VPS1 Manual Gain Control COM1 2 19 FLTR Quadrature Demodulator PRUP 3 18 IOUT On-Board Phase-Locked Quadrature Oscillator LOIP 4 17 QOUT Demodulates IFs from 400 kHz to 12 MHz RFLO 5 16 AD607 VPS2 Can Also Demodulate AM, CW, SSB RFHI 6 TOP VIEW 15 DMIP Low Power (Not to Scale) GREF 7 14 25 mW at 3 V IFOP CMOS Compatible Power-Down MXOP 8 13 COM2 Interfaces to AD7013 and AD7015 Baseband Converters VMID 9 12 GAIN IFHI 10 11 IFLO APPLICATIONSGSM, CDMA, TDMA, and TETRA ReceiversSatellite TerminalsBattery-Powered Communications Receivers GENERAL DESCRIPTION The I and Q demodulators provide in-phase and quadrature The AD607 is a 3 V low power receiver IF subsystem for opera- baseband outputs to interface with Analog Devices AD7013 tion at input frequencies as high as 500 MHz and IFs from

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AD607.pdf Datasheet