Part # TSM102 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

TSM102/A VOLTAGE AND CURRENT CONTROLLER OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS s LOW SUPPLY CURRENT : 200µA/amp. s MEDIUM SPEED : 2.1MHz s LOW LEVEL OUTPUT VOLTAGE CLOSE TO V - CC : 0.1V typ. s INPUT COMMON MODE VOLTAGE RANGE INCLUDES GROUND COMPARATORSs LOW SUPPLY CURRENT : 200µA/amp. s (VCC = 5V) s INPUT COMMON MODE VOLTAGE RANGE INCLUDES GROUND s LOW OUTPUT SATURATION VOLTAGE : D 250mV (Io = 4mA) SO16 (Plastic Micropackage) REFERENCEs ADJUSTABLE OUTPUT VOLTAGE : s Vref to 36V s SINK CURRENT CAPABILITY : 1 to 100mA s 1% and 0.4% VOLTAGE PRECISION s LACTH-UP IMMUNITY DESCRIPTION PIN CONNECTIONS (top view) The TSM102 is a monolithic IC that includes twoop-amps, two comparators and a precision volt-age reference. This device is offering space andcost saving in many applications like power supply Output 1 1 16 Output 4 management or data acquisition systems. Inverting Input 1 2 15 Inverting Input Non-inverting Input 1 14 Non-inverting Input 4 ORDER CODE 3 COMP COMP V + V - CC 4 13 CC Package Non-inverting Input 2 5 12 Non-inverting Input 3 Temperature Part Number Inverting Input 2 Inverting Input 3 Range

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TSM102.pdf Datasheet