Part # LM2623 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2623 General Purpose, Gated Oscillator Based, DC DC Boost Converter

Part Details:

LM2623 December 2005 General LM2623General Purpose, Gated Oscillator Based, DC/DC BoostConverter Purpose, General Description Features The LM2623 is a high efficiency, general purpose, step-up n Good Efficiency Over a Very Wide Load Range DC-DC switching regulator for battery-powered and low in- n Very Low Output Voltage Ripple put voltage systems. It accepts an input voltage between .8 n Small, Mini-SO-8 Package (Half the Footprint of and 14 volts and converts it into a regulated output voltage Standard 8 pin SO Package) between 1.24 and 14 volts. Efficiencies up to 90% are Gated n 1.09 mm Package Height achievable with the LM2623. n Up to 2 MHz Switching Frequency In order to adapt to a number of applications, the LM2623 n .8V to 14V Operating Voltage allows the designer to vary the output voltage, the operating n 1.1V Start-up Voltage frequency (300kHz to 2 MHz) and duty cycle (17% to 90%) Oscillator n 1.24V - 14V Adjustable Output Voltage to optimize the part s performance. The selected values canbe fixed or can vary with battery voltage or input to output n Up to 2A Load Current at low Output Voltages voltage ratio. The LM2623 uses a very simple, on/off regu- n 0.17 Internal MOSFET lation mode to produce good efficiency and stable operation n Up to 90% Regulator Efficiency over a wide operating range. It normally regulates by skip- n 80 µA Typical Operating Current (into V pin of supply) DD ping switching cycles when it reaches the regulation limit n <2.5µA Guaranteed Supply Current In Shutdown (Pulse Frequency Modulation). n 4mm x 4mm Thermally Enhanced LLP Package Option Based, Note: Please read the "Non-Linear Effect" and "ChoosingThe Correct C3 Capacitor" sub-sections of the Design Pro- Applications cedure section of this data sheet, so that any challenges with n Cameras, Pagers and Cell Phones designing with this part can be taken into account before aboard design/layout is finalized. n PDAs,Palmtop Computers, GPS devices n White LED Drive, TFT or Scanned LCDs DC/DC For Alternative Solutions, See Also: LM2700, LM2622,LM2731, LM2733, and LM2621. n Flash Memory Programming n Hand-Held Instruments n 1, 2, 3 or 4 Cell Alkaline Systems n 1, 2 or 3 Cell Lithium-ion Systems

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