Part # AD5170 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD5170 (Rev. F)

Part Details:

256-Position, Two-Time Programmable, I2C Digital Potentiometer AD5170 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM A W B 256-position digital potentiometer Two-time programmable (TTP) set-and-forget resistance setting allows second-chance permanent programming Unlimited adjustments prior to one-time programming (OTP) activation V FUSE OTP overwrite allows dynamic adjustments with user- DD LINKS 1 2 defined preset End-to-end resistance: 2.5 k, 10 k, 50 k, 100 k RDAC GND REGISTER Compact 10-lead MSOP: 3 mm × 4.9 mm package Fast settling time: tS = 5 s typical in power-up AD0 ADDRESS Full read/write of wiper register AD1 DECODE 8 Power-on preset to midscale Extra package address decode pins: AD0 and AD1 SDA SERIAL INPUT 01-00 REGISTER 4- Single supply: 2.7 V to 5.5 V SCL 1004 Low temperature coefficient: 35 ppm/°C Figure 1. Low power: IDD = 6 A maximum Wide operating temperature: -40°C to +125°C Evaluation board and software are available Software replaces MicroConverter® in factory programming applications APPLICATIONS Systems calibration Electronics level setting Mechanical trimmers replacement in new designs Permanent factory PCB settings Transducer adjustment of pressure, temperature, position, chemical, and optical sensors RF amplifier biasing Automotive electronics adjustments Gain control and offset adjustments GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD5170 is a 256-position, two-time programmable, digital activation, a permanent blow fuse command freezes the wiper potentiometer1 that employs fuse link technology, giving users position (analogous to placing epoxy on a mechanical trimmer). two opportunities to permanently program the resistance setting.

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AD5170.pdf Datasheet