Part # AD6652 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD6652 12-Bit 65 MSPS IF to Baseband Diversity Receiver Data Sheet ( REV. 0)

Part Details:

12-Bit, 65 MSPS IF to Baseband Diversity Receiver AD6652 FEATURES APPLICATIONS SNR = 90 dB in 150 kHz bandwidth (to Nyquist Communications @ 61.44 MSPS) Diversity radio systems Worst harmonic = 83 dBc (to Nyquist @ 61.44 MSPS) Multimode digital receivers: Integrated dual-channel ADC: GSM, EDGE, PHS, AMPS, UMTS, WCDMA, CDMA-ONE, Sample rates up to 65 MSPS IS95, IS136, CDMA2000, IMT-2000 IF sampling frequencies to 200 MHz I/Q demodulation systems Internal ADC voltage reference Smart antenna systems Integrated ADC sample-and-hold inputs General-purpose software radios Flexible analog input range (1 V to 2 V p-p) Broadband data applications Differential analog inputs Instrumentation and test equipment ADC clock duty cycle stabilizer 85 dB channel isolation/crosstalk Integrated wideband digital downconverter (DDC): Crossbar switched DDC inputs Digital resampling for noninteger decimation Programmable decimating FIR filters Flexible control for multicarrier and phased array Dual AGC stages for output level control Dual 16-bit parallel or 8-bit link output ports User-configurable built-in self-test (BIST) capability Energy-saving power-down modes FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM DUAL-CHANNEL 12-BIT A/D FRONT END WIDEBAND DIGITAL DOWNCONVERTER (DDC) RAM VINA+ RCIC2 PORT A ADC 12 CHANNEL A TO OUTPUT PORTS CIC5 COEF. SHA CHANNEL / RESAMPLER FILTER 8-BIT DSP VINA­ A LINK OTRA CHANNEL 0 RCF OUTPUTS

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AD6652.pdf Datasheet