Part # LM148 LM248 LM348 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Four UA741 quad bipolar operational amplifiers

Part Details:

LM148LM248LM348 FOUR UA741 QUAD BIPOLAR OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS s LOW SUPPLY CURRENT: 0.53mA/AMPLI- FIER s CLASS AB OUTPUT STAGE: NO CROSS OVER DISTORTION s PIN COMPATIBLE WITH LM124s LOW INPUT OFFSET VOLTAGE: 1mVs LOW INPUT OFFSET CURRENT: 2nA N s LOW INPUT BIAS CURRENT: 30nA DIP14 (Plastic Package) s GAIN BANDWIDTH PRODUCT: 1.3MHzs HIGH DEGREE OF ISOLATION BETWEEN AMPLIFIERS: 120dB s OVERLOAD PROTECTION FOR INPUTS AND OUTPUTS DESCRIPTION The LM148 consists of four independent, high D gain internally compensated, low power opera- SO14 tional amplifiers which have been designed to pro- (Plastic Micropackage) vide functional characteristics identical to those ofthe familiar UA741 operational amplifier. In addi-tion the total supply current for all four amplifiers iscompatible to the supply current of a single UA741 PIN CONNECTIONS (top view) type op amp. Other features include input offsetcurrent and input bias current which are much lessthan those of a standard UA741. Also, excellentisolation between amplifiers has been achieved byindependently biasing each amplifier and usinglayout techniques qhich minimize thermal cou-pling. Output 1 1 14 Output 4 Inverting Input 1 2 - - 13 Inverting Input 4 The LM148 can be used anywhere multiple + + UA741 type amplifiers are being used and in appli- Non-inverting Input 1 3 12 Non-inverting Input 4 cations where amplifier matching or high packaing CC V + - 4 11 CC V density is required. Non-inverting Input 2 5 + + 10 Non-inverting Input 3 Inverting Input 2 6

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LM148 LM248 LM348.pdf Datasheet