Part # LMH6628EP datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6628EP Enhanced Plastic Dual Wideband, Low Noise, Voltage Feedback Op Amp

Part Details:

LMH6628EP May 2004 LMH6628EPEnhanced Plastic Dual Wideband, Low Noise, Voltage Enhanced Feedback Op AmpGeneral Description ENHANCED PLASTIC · Extended Temperature Performance of -40°C to +85°C The National LMH6628EP is a high speed dual op amp thatoffers a traditional voltage feedback topology featuring unity · Baseline Control - Single Fab & Assembly Site Plastic gain stability and slew enhanced circuitry. The · Process Change Notification (PCN) LMH6628EP s low noise and very low harmonic distortion · Qualification & Reliability Data combine to form a wide dynamic range op amp that operates · Solder (PbSn) Lead Finish is standard from a single (5V to 12V) or dual (±5V) power supply. · Enhanced Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) Each of the LMH6628EP s closely matched channels pro- Support Dual vides a 300MHz unity gain bandwidth and low input voltagenoise density (2nV/ ). Low 2nd/3rd harmonic distortion (-65/-74dBc at 10MHz) make the LMH6628EP a perfect Features wide dynamic range amplifier for matched I/Q channels. n Wide unity gain bandwidth: 300MHz W With its fast and accurate settling (12ns to 0.1%), the n Low noise: 2nV/ ideband, LMH6628EP is also an excellent choice for wide dynamic n Low Distortion: -65/-74dBc (10MHz) range, anti-aliasing filters to buffer the inputs of hi resolution n Settling time: 12ns to 0.1% analog-to-digital converters. Combining the LMH6628EP s n Wide supply voltage range: ±2.5V to ±6V two tightly matched amplifiers in a single 8-pin SOIC pack- n High output current: ±85mA age reduces cost and board space for many composite n Improved replacement for CLC428 amplifier applications such as active filters, differential linedrivers/receivers, fast peak detectors and instrumentation

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