Part # AD830 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD830 High Speed Video Difference Amplifier Data Sheet (REV. B)

Part Details:

High Speed, Video Difference Amplifier AD830 FEATURES CONNECTION DIAGRAM Differential Amplification 8-Lead Plastic PDIP (N), Wide Common-Mode Voltage Range: +12.8 V, ­12 V CERDIP (Q) and SOIC (RN) Packages Differential Voltage Range: 2 VHigh CMRR: 60 dB @ 4 MHzBuilt-In Differential Clipping Level: 2.3 V AD830 X1 1 8 V Fast Dynamic Performance P G 85 MHz Unity Gain Bandwidth M X2 2 7 OUT 35 ns Settling Time to 0.1% A = 1 360 V/ s Slew Rate Y1 3 6 NC Symmetrical Dynamic Response GM C Excellent Video Specifications Y2 4 5 VN Differential Gain Error: 0.06%Differential Phase Error: 0.08 NC = NO CONNECT 15 MHz (0.1 dB) BandwidthFlexible OperationHigh Output Drive of 50 mA Min input and produces an output voltage referred to a user-chosen Specified with Both 5 V and 15 V Supplies level. The undesired common-mode signal is rejected, even at Low Distortion: THD = ­72 dB @ 4 MHz high frequencies. High impedance inputs ease interfacing to Excellent DC Performance: 3 mV Max Input finite source impedances and thus preserve the excellent com- Offset Voltage mon-mode rejection. In many respects, it offers significantimprovements over discrete difference amplifier approaches, in APPLICATIONS particular in high frequency common-mode rejection. Differential Line ReceiverHigh Speed Level Shifter The wide common-mode and differential voltage range of the

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