Part # LMX9402 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMX9402 Frequency Synthesizer Module

Part Details:

LMX9402 PRELIMINARY October 2000 LMX9402 Frequency Frequency Synthesizer Module General Description The module is available in a Ball Grid Array 560 mil X 560 milX 220 mil package. The Frequency Synthesizer Module is a Low TemperatureCo-fired Ceramic (LTCC) RF module consisting of a high Features Synthesizer performance frequency synthesizer, loop filter, and voltagecontrolled oscillator (VCO). The frequency synthesizer is n Low phase noise tunable local oscillator fabricated using National s ABiC BiCMOS process (f = 14 T n Low current consumption GHz). The loop filter and VCO are fabricated on National s n LMX2330A 2.5 GHz PLLatinumTM in module Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics. The Frequency Synthesizer Module can be used for local Applications oscillator applications. Using a digital phase locked loop n DCS wireless cellular systems technique, the on board frequency synthesizer can generate n Fixed wireless communications a very stable, low noise local oscillator. Serial data is trans- Module ferred into the module using a three wire interface. The loopfilter is designed for fast lock times and maximum attenua-tion of reference spurs. Functional Block Diagram DS200075-1 Ordering Information Package Temp. Range -10°C to +85°C Transport Media NSC Package Drawing CBGA LMX9402BL1577X Tape and Reels SB25A CBGA LMX9402BL1501X Tape and Reels SB25A CBGA LMX9402BL1619X Tape and Reels SB25A CBGA LMX9402BL1701X Tape and Reels SB25A TRI-STATE® is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.MICROWIRETM and PLLatinumTM are trademarks of National Semiconductor Corporation. © 2000 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200075

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