Part # LM2715 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2715 TFT Panel Module

Part Details:

LM2715 April 2006 TFT LM2715TFT Panel Module Panel General Description Features The LM2715 is a compact bias solution for TFT displays. It n 1.3A, 0.18, internal power switch has a current mode PWM step-up DC/DC converter with a Module n V operating range: 2.2V to 12V IN 1.3A, 0.18 internal switch. Capable of generating 8V at n 1.25MHz switching frequency step-up DC/DC converter 240mA from a Lithium Ion battery, the LM2715 is ideal for n Inrush current limiting circuitry generating bias voltages for large screen LCD panels. The n Internal 7 PMOS switch LM2715 operates at a switching frequency of 1.25MHz al- n PMOS switch control pin lowing for easy filtering and low noise. An external compen-sation pin gives the user flexibility in setting frequency com- n PMOS switch delay pin pensation, which makes possible the use of small, low ESR n Vcom amplifier ceramic capacitors at the output. The LM2715 uses a pat- n Gamma buffer ented internal circuitry to limit startup inrush current of the n 16 pin TSSOP or 24 pin LLP packages boost switching regulator without the use of an externalsoftstart capacitor. The LM2715 has an internal controllable Applications PMOS switch used for controlling the row driver voltages. n LCD Bias Supplies The switch can be controlled externally with a control pin anddelay time. The LM2715 contains a Vcom amplifier and aGamma buffer capable of supplying 50mA source and sink.The TSSOP-16 or LLP-24 packages ensure a low profileoverall solution. Typical Application Circuit 20058431 © 2006 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200584 Connection Diagrams LM2715 Top View 20058404 TSSOP 16 package T = 125°C, = 120°C/W (Note 1) JMAX JA Top View 20058494 LLP 24 package T

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