Part # ISL9N303AS3 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Motorola


Part Description: SL9N303AP3 ISL9N303AS3ST ISL9N303AS3 N-Channel Logic Level UltraFET Trench MOSFETs 30V, 75A, 3.2mOhm

Part Details:

ISL9N303AP3 September 2002 PWM Optimized ISL9N303AP3 / ISL9N303AS3ST / ISL9N303AS3 / N-Channel Logic Level UltraFET® Trench MOSFETs I 30V, 75A, 3.2m SL9N303AS3S General Description Features This device employs a new advanced trench MOSFET · Fast switching technology and features low gate charge while maintaininglow on-resistance. · rDS(ON) = 0.0026 (Typ), VGS = 10V Optimized for switching applications, this device improves · rDS(ON) = 0.004 (Typ), VGS = 4.5V the overall efficiency of DC/DC converters and allowsoperation to higher switching frequencies. · Qg (Typ) = 61nC, VGS = 5V T · Q Applications gd (Typ) = 17nC / IS · DC/DC converters · CISS (Typ) = 7000pF L9N303AS3 SOURCE DRAIN DRAIN DRAIN D SOURCE (FLANGE) (FLANGE) GATE GATE DRAIN GATE G SOURCE TO-220AB DRAIN S TO-262AB TO-263AB (FLANGE) MOSFET Maximum Ratings TC= 25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter Ratings Units VDSS Drain to Source Voltage

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ISL9N303AS3.pdf Datasheet