Part # MAX9702 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9702 DS

Part Details:

19-3608; Rev 1; 10/05 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE 1.8W, Filterless, Stereo, Class D Audio Power Amplifier and DirectDrive Stereo Headphone Amplifier MAX9702 General Description Features The MAX9702 combines a highly efficient Class D Patented Spread-Spectrum Modulation Reduces speaker amplifier with a high-linearity Class AB head- EMI Emissions phone amplifier. This ensures maximum battery life in Programmable Mono, Stereo, Mute, and Mix speaker mode and maximum performance in head- Functions phone mode. The MAX9702 delivers up to 1.1W per 1.1W Stereo Output (8, V channel into an 8 load and 1.8W into a 4 load from a DD = 5V) 5V power supply. Maxim s 2nd-generation, spread- 48mW Headphone Output (32, VDD = 3.3V) spectrum modulation scheme renders the traditional 1.8W Stereo Output (4, VDD = 5V) Class D output filter unnecessary. 94% Efficiency (RL = 8, PO = 1.1W) The MAX9702 speaker amplifier offers two modulation High 73dB PSRR (f = 217Hz) schemes: a fixed-frequency (FFM) mode and a spread-spectrum (SSM) mode that reduces EMI-radiated emis- I2C Programmable Gain Up to +21dB sions. The MAX9702 speaker amplifier features a fully Integrated Click-and-Pop Suppression differential architecture, full-bridged (BTL) output, and Low-Power Shutdown Mode (0.1µA) comprehensive click-and-pop suppression. TheMAX9702 speaker amplifier features high 75dB PSRR, Short-Circuit and Thermal-Overload Protection low 0.07% THD+N, and SNR in excess of 97dB. Short- ±8kV (HBM) ESD-Protected Headphone Driver circuit and thermal-overload protection prevent the Outputs device from being damaged during a fault condition. Ordering Information The headphone amplifier uses Maxim s patentedDirectDriveTM architecture that produces a ground-ref- I2C SLAVE PKG erenced output from a single supply, eliminating the PART PIN­PACKAGE ADDRESS CODE need for large DC-blocking capacitors, saving cost,board space, and component height. A high 80dB MAX9702ETI+ 28 TQFN-EP* 1001100 T2855-6

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