Part # AD760 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD760 16/18-Bit Self-Calibrating Serial/Byte DACPORT

Part Details:

a 16/18-Bit Self-Calibrating Serial/Byte DACPORT AD760 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM ±0.2 LSB (±0.00031%) Typ Peak DNL and INL MSB/ ±0.5 LSB (±0.00076%) Typ Unipolar Offset, Bipolar Zero 18/16 SIN LSB SERIAL 17-Bit Monotonicity Guaranteed OR OR OR CS DB0 DB1 DB2 DB7 18-Bit Resolution (in Serial Mode) UNI/ 16 14 13 12 7 Complete 16/18-Bit D/A Function BIP CLR AD760 17 On-Chip Output Amplifier OR LBE 16/18-BIT 15 SOUT 18 INPUT REGISTER On-Chip Buried Zener Voltage Reference HBE 10k 19 Microprocessor Compatible SER LOGIC SPAN/ 24 CONTROL 16/18-BIT DAC LATCH BIP 20 Serial or Byte Input CLR 10k OFF 21

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AD760.pdf Datasheet