Part # FSB50450S datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FSB50450S Smart Power Module

Part Details:

FSB50450S Smart Po May 2007 FSB50450SSmart Power Module (SPM®) Features General Description wer Module (SPM®) · 500V 3.0A 3-phase FRFET inverter including high voltage FSB50450S is a tiny smart power module (SPM®) based on integrated circuit (HVIC) FRFET technology as a compact inverter solution for small power motor drive applications such as fan motors and water · 3 divided negative dc-link terminals for inverter current sens- suppliers. It is composed of 6 fast-recovery MOSFET (FRFET), ing applications and 3 half-bridge HVICs for FRFET gate driving. FSB50450S · HVIC for gate driving and undervoltage protection provides low electromagnetic interference (EMI) characteristics with optimized switching speed. Moreover, since it employs · 3/5V CMOS/TTL compatible, active-high interface FRFET as a power switch, it has much better ruggedness and · Optimized for low electromagnetic interference larger safe operation area (SOA) than that of an IGBT-based power module or one-chip solution. The package is optimized · Isolation voltage rating of 1500Vrms for 1min. for the thermal performance and compactness for the use in the · Surface mounted device package built-in motor application and any other application where the assembly space is concerned. FSB50450S is the most solution · Moisture Sensitive Level (MSL) 3 for the compact inverter providing the energy efficiency, compactness, and low electromagnetic interference. Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol Parameter Conditions Rating Units DC Link Input Voltage, VPN 500 V Drain-source Voltage of each FRFET ID25 Each FRFET Drain Current, Continuous TC = 25°C 1.5 A ID80 Each FRFET Drain Current, Continuous TC = 80°C 1.0 A IDP Each FRFET Drain Current, Peak TC = 25°C, PW < 100s 3.0 A PD Maximum Power Dissipation TC = 25°C, Each FRFET

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