Part # FDZ1905PZ datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FDZ1905PZ Common Drain P-Channel 1.5V PowerTrench® WL-CSP MOSF

Part Details:

FDZ1905PZ Common Drain P-Ch July 2008 FDZ1905PZ tm Common Drain P-Channel 1.5V PowerTrench® WL-CSP MOSFET ­20V, ­3A, 123mFeatures General Description Max r This device is designed specifically as a single package solution S1S2(on) = 126m at VGS = ­4.5V, IS1S2 = ­1A for the battery charge switch in cellular handset and other Max rS1S2(on) = 141m at VGS = ­2.5V, IS1S2 = ­1A ultra-portable applications. It features two common drain Max r P-channel MOSFETs, which enables bidirectional current flow, S1S2(on) = 198m at VGS = ­1.8V, IS1S2 = ­1A on Fairchild s advanced 1.5V PowerTrench® process with state Max rS1S2(on) = 303m at VGS = ­1.5V, IS1S2 = ­1A of the art "low pitch" WL-CSP packaging process, the FDZ1905PZ minimizes both PCB space and r annel 1.5V PowerTr Occupies only 1.5 mm2 of PCB area, less than 50% of the S1S2(on). This advanced WL-CSP MOSFET embodies a breakthrough in area of 2 x 2 BGA packaging technology which enables the device to combine Ultra-thin package: less than 0.65 mm height when mounted excellent thermal transfer characteristics, ultra-low profile to PCB packaging, low gate charge, and low rS1S2(on) . High power and current handling capability Applications HBM ESD protection level > 4kV (Note 3) Battery management RoHS Compliant Load switchBattery protection ench S1 PIN1 ® WL-CSP MOSFET S1 G1 S1 G1 G2 S2 S2 G2 BOTTOM TOP S2 MOSFET Maximum Ratings TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter

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