Part # HCF4027 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

HCF4027B DUAL J-K MASTER SLAVE FLIP-FLOP s SET RESET CAPABILITY s STATIC FLIP-FLOP OPERATION - RETAINS STATE INDEFINETELY WITH CLOCK LEVEL EITHER "HIGH" OR "LOW" s MEDIUM-SPEED OPERATION - 16MHz (Typ. clock toggle rate at 10V) DIP SOP s QUIESCENT CURRENT SPECIFIED UP TO 20V s STANDARDIZED SYMMETRICAL OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS ORDER CODES s 5V, 10V AND 15V PARAMETRIC RATINGS PACKAGE TUBE T & R s INPUT LEAKAGE CURRENT DIP HCF4027BEY II = 100nA (MAX) AT VDD = 18V TA = 25°C SOP HCF4027BM1 HCF4027M013TR s 100% TESTED FOR QUIESCENT CURRENT s MEETS ALL REQUIREMENTS OF JEDEC JESD13B " STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS signals. Buffered Q and Q signals are provided as FOR DESCRIPTION OF B SERIES CMOS outputs. This input-output arrangement provides DEVICES" for compatible operation with the HCF4013B dualD type flip-flop. DESCRIPTION This device is useful in performing control, HCF4027B is a monolithic integrated circuit register, and toggle functions. Logic levels present fabricated in Metal Oxide Semiconductor at the J and K inputs, along with internal technology available in DIP and SOP packages. self-steering, control the state of each flip-flop; HCF4027B is a single monolithic chip integrated changes in the flip-flop state are synchronous with circuit containing two identical the positive-going transition of the clock pulse. Set complementary-symmetry J-K master-slave and Reset functions are independent of the clock flip-flops. Each flip-flop has provisions for and are initiated when a high level signal is individual J, K, Set, Reset, and Clock input

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HCF4027.pdf Datasheet