Part # LNBTVSx-304 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Lightning protection for LNB power supply

Part Details:

LNBTVSx-304 Lightning protection for LNB power supply Features 1 kV, 500 A protection (8/20 µs 1.2/50 µs) SMC package A Unidirectional and low VF (VF = 1.2 V at IF = 9 A) K Low clamping factor Fast response time SMC Description The LNBTVSx-304 is a dedicated lightning and electrical overstress surge protection for LNB voltage regulators in satellite set top box applications. Table 1. Device summary This device provides lightning protection based on Characteristic LNBTVS4-304S LNBTVS6-304S the IEEE C62.41.2 standard. Lightning surge Available in the SMC package, this device is level (8/20 µs compatible with industry standard mounting 1.2/50 µs 700 V, 350 A 1000 V, 500 A processes. combination wave) Clamping voltage 45 V @ 333 A 45 V @ 500 A (max) April 2008 Rev 1 1/7 Characteristics LNBTVSx-304 1 Characteristics Table 2. Absolute maximum ratings (Tamb = 25° C) Symbol Parameter Value Unit PPP Peak pulse power dissipation (1) Tj initial = Tamb up to 3 kW

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LNBTVSx-304.pdf Datasheet