Part # MAX9977 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9977 DS

Part Details:

19-0383; Rev 0; 7/05 Quad, Low-Power, 1200Mbps ATE Driver MAX9977 General Description Features The MAX9977 quad, low-power, high-speed, pin-elec- Low Power Dissipation: 0.8W/Channel tronics driver includes, for each channel, a three-level High Speed: 1200Mbps at 3VP-P and 1800Mbps pin driver. The driver features a wide voltage range and at 1VP-P high-speed operation, includes high-impedance and Low Timing Dispersion active-termination (3rd-level drive) modes, and is highly Wide -1.5V to +6.5V Operating Range linear even at low voltage swings. Interfaces Easily with Most Logic Families The MAX9977 provides high-speed, differential control Active Termination (3rd-Level Drive) inputs with internal 50 (100 LVDS) termination resistorsthat allow compatibility with 1.8V and 3.5V terminated Internal 50 Termination Resistors on Control 0.4V Inputs P-P CML, reducing the discrete component count required on the circuit board. The MAX9977AD has no Low Gain and Offset Errors internal termination. Pin Compatible with the MAX9963 and MAX9965 A 3-wire, low-voltage, CMOS-compatible serial interface Quad Drivers programs the low-leakage and tri-state/terminate opera- Ordering Information tional configurations of the MAX9977. The MAX9977 s operating range is -1.5V to +6.5V (con- EXPO SED T EM P PIN- PA D sult factory for other operating ranges), and features a PA RT R A NG E PA CK A G E VA RIA T IO N maximum power dissipation of only 0.8W per channel. C O DE The device is available in a 100-pin, 14mm x 14mm x 0.1mm body, and 0.5mm pitch TQFP. An exposed M AX9977AKC CQ 0°C to + 70°C 100 TQFP - IDP ** C 100E - 8R 8mm x 8mm die pad on the top of the package facili- M AX9977AKC CQ+ 0°C to + 70°C 100 TQFP

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