Part # AD8132 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD8132 (Rev. H)

Part Details:

Low Cost, High Speed Differential Amplifier AD8132 FEATURES CONNECTION DIAGRAM High speed AD8132 ­IN 8 +IN 350 MHz, -3 dB bandwidth 1 VOCM 2 7 NC 1200 V/s slew rate V+ 3 6 V­ Resistor set gain +OUT 4 5 ­OUT 0015- Internal common-mode feedback 03 NC = NO CONNECT 01 Improved gain and phase balance: -68 dB @ 10 MHz Figure 1. Separate input to set the common-mode output voltage Low distortion: -99 dBc SFDR @ 5 MHz, 800 load The AD8132 is also used as a differential driver for the trans- Low power: 10.7 mA @ 5 V mission of high speed signals over low cost twisted pair or coaxial Power supply range: +2.7 V to ±5.5 V cables. The feedback network can be adjusted to boost the high Fully AEC-Q100 qualified (AD8132W) frequency components of the signal. The AD8132 is used for either analog or digital video signals or for other high speed data trans- APPLICATIONS mission. The AD8132 is capable of driving either a Category 3 or Category 5 twisted pair or coaxial cable with minimal line Low power differential ADC drivers attenuation. The AD8132 has considerable cost and performance Differential gain and differential filtering improvements over discrete line driver solutions. Video line drivers Differential in/out level shifting Differential signal processing reduces the effects of ground noise Single-ended input to differential output drivers that plagues ground-referenced systems. The AD8132 can be used Active transformers for differential signal processing (gain and filtering) throughout a Automotive driver assistance signal chain, easily simplifying the conversion between differential Automotive infotainment and single-ended components. GENERAL DESCRIPTION

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