Part # LM2724A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2724A High Speed 3A Synchronous MOSFET Driver

Part Details:

LM2724A June 2003 LM2724A High High Speed 3A Synchronous MOSFET Driver Speed General Description 195µA from the 5V rail. The synchronization operation of thebottom MOSFET can be disabled by pulling the SYNC pin to The LM2724A is a dual N-channel MOSFET driver which ground. can drive both the top and bottom MOSFETs in a push-pullstructure simultaneously. The LM2724A takes a logic input Features and splits it into two complimentary signals with a typical 3A 20ns dead time in between. The built-in cross-conduction n Shoot-through protection protection circuitry prevents the top and bottom MOSFETs n Input Under-Voltage-Lock-Out Synchronous from turning on simultaneously. With a bias voltage of 5V, the n 3A peak driving current peak sourcing and sinking current for each driver of the n 195µA quiescent current LM2724A is about 3A. Input UVLO (Under-Voltage-Lock- n 28V input voltage in buck configuration Out) ensures that all the driver outputs stay low until the n SO-8 and LLP packages supply rail exceeds the power-on threshold during systempower on, or after the supply rail drops below power-on Applications threshold by a specified hysteresis during system powerdown. The cross-conduction protection circuitry detects both n High Current DC/DC Power Supplies driver outputs and will not turn on a driver until the other n High Input Voltage Switching Regulators driver output is low. The top gate voltage needed by the top MOSFET n Fast Transient Microprocessors MOSFET is obtained through an external boot-strap struc- n Notebook Computers ture. When not switching, the LM2724A only draws up to Typical Application Driver 20073501 © 2003 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200735 Connection Diagram LM2724A 20073502 8-Lead SO (NS Package # M08A) = 172°C/W JA 20073506 8-Lead LLP (NS Package # LDC08A)

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