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Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: ST7 family USB low-speed evaluation board getting started

Part Details:

ST7 FAMILY USB LOW-SPEED EVALUATION BOARD GETTING STARTED October 2002 DOC-USB LOW-SPEED Evaluation Board USE IN LIFE SUPPORT DEVICES OR SYSTEMS MUST BE EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZED. STMicroelectronics PRODUCTS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED FOR USE AS CRITICAL COMPONENTS IN LIFE SUPPORT DEVICES OR SYSTEMS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN APPROVAL OF STMicroelectronics. As used herein: 1. Life support devices or systems are those 2. A critical component is any component of a life which (a) are intended for surgical implant into support device or system whose failure to the body, or (b) support or sustain life, and perform can reasonably be expected to cause whose failure to perform, when properly used in the failure of the life support device or system, accordance with instructions for use provided or to affect its safety or effectiveness. with the product, can be reasonably expectedto result in significant injury to the user. 1 ST7 USB LOW-SPEED MICROCONTROLLERS USB LOW-SPEED EVALUATION BOARD INTRODUCTION The objective of this evaluation board is to provide you with a complete USB application package using a Windows-based host software application and one of ST s range of USB low- speed microcontrollers acting as a peripheral device. The host software and the ST7 source code provide an easily-understood example of how to exchange data using the HID class pro- tocols. The firmware supplied on the ST7 devices is based on a USB core library that makes the control of all the USB interface hardware transparent to the application developer. This USB library, developed by STMicroelectronics and plug-tested by the USB IF (Implementers Forum), is intended for you to use as a toolbox. All the documentation you need to do this is supplied with the package. This evaluation board incorporates basic input sources such as push-buttons, an analog trimmer and output sources (LEDs); It also has a wire-wrap area so that you can easily de- velop your own application. An external 12V charge pump is also provided, to allow you to pro- gram the ST7 embedded Flash program memory using In-Application Programming (IAP). The following development tools can be ordered separately: assembler, linker, C compiler, source level debugger, hardware emulator, programming boards and gang programmer. For ordering information, see our website at or contact your local sales of- fice. Rev. 1.2 October 2002 1/12 1 Document Outline INTRODUCTION 1 GETTING STARTED 1.1 System Requirements 1.2 Package Contents 1.3 Software Installation 1.4 Hardware Installation

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User manual ST7263BD6 ST7263BE1 ST7263BE2 ST7263BE4 ST7263BE6 ST7263BH2 ST7263BH6 ST7263BK1 ST7263BK2 ST7263BK4 ST7263BK6 8-Bit.pdf Datasheet