Part # FGB3040CS datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FGB3040CS EcoSPARK&153; 300mJ, 400V, N-Channel Current Sensing Ignition IGB

Part Details:

FGB3040CS 300mJ, 400V, N-Channe May 2007 FGB3040CS tm EcoSPARKTM 300mJ, 400V, N-Channel Current Sensing Ignition IGBT General Description Applications The FGB3040CS is an lgnition IGBT that offers outstand- Smart Automotive lgnition Coil Driver Circuits ing SCIS capability along with a ratiometric emitter current ECU Based Systems sensing capability. This sensing is based on a emitter active area ratio of 200:1. The output is provided through a Distributorless Based Systems fourth (sense) lead. This signal provides a current level Coil on Plug Based Systems that is proportional to the main collector to emitter current. The effective ratio as measured on the sense lead is a Features function of the sense output, the collector current and the l Current Sensin gate to emitter drive voltage. SCIS Energy = 300mJ at TJ = 25oCLogic Level Gate Drive I A D F R E E MP E LE L MENTATION g Ignition IGBT Package Symbol Device Maximum Ratings TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter Ratings Units BVCER Collector to Emitter Breakdown Voltage (IC = 2mA) 430 V BVECS Emitter to Collector Breakdown Voltage (IC = 1mA) (Reverse Battery Condition) 24 V ESCIS25 Self Clamping Inductive Switching Energy (at starting TJ = 25°C) 300 mJ ESCIS150 Self Clamping Inductive Switching Energy (at starting TJ = 150°C) 170 mJ IC25 Continuous Collector Current, at VGE = 4.0V, TC = 25°C 21 A IC110

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