Part # Brief L9390 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: welve channel valve driver

Part Details:

L9390 Twelve channel valve driver Data Brief Features Four low side switched output drivers with 0.1 Rds,ON at 25°C Possibly configurable as PWM controlled adding external freewheeling diodes Two low side PWM controlled output drivers with 0.1 Rds,ON at 25°C and integrated active freewheeling diodes Six low side current controlled output drivers TQFP100 with 0.16 R (Exposed pad down) ds,ON at 25°C and integrated active freewheeling diodes Current accuracy:­ 10% (Iload < 800mA)­ 6% (Iload > 800mA) active freewheeling diodes for active rectification All outputs with integrated 35V zener clamp of the PWM controlled load. Five pin SPI port (four standard pins plus In order to minimize electromagnetic emissions additional SPI enable input pin) during load actuation, the possibility to control Six serial high speed input for output control output slopes is provided. High level diagnostic, including Silent Valve Two separate communication interfaces are Driver Test present: the SPI port is primarily designated to Direct disable of outputs with an external pin provide diagnostics and secondary control. The serial High End Timer Interface (HET) provides Programmable jitter frequency of PWM and the primary output control functions from on/off current controlled outputs switching to current level control commands. TQFP100 exposed pad package Diagnostic includes over current protection, under current detection, open load detection, loss of Description ground detection, loss of freewheeling diode, and over temperature detection, output integrity The L9390 is a twelve output low side valve driver check, SVDT, leakage current test, PWM integrity designed for use in an ABS/ESP vehicle system. and functionality check, valve resistance sense All outputs are PWM configurable, while six out of check, loss of freewheeling diode detection and twelve are current regulated. Each of the twelve more. outputs is open drain configured and has a built-in 35V clamp. Eight of the twelve have integrated Power supply monitoring is also included. Table 1. Device summary Part number Package Packing

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