Part # LM93 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM93 Hardware Monitor with Integrated Fan Control for Server Management

Part Details:

LM93 April 2004 Hardware LM93Hardware Monitor with Integrated Fan Control for ServerManagement Monitor 1.0 General Description n Dual dynamic VID monitoring (6 VIDs per processor) n 8 general purpose I/Os: The LM93, hardware monitor, has a two wire digital interface -- 4 can be configured as fan tachometer inputs compatible with SMBus 2.0. Using an 8-bit ADC, the -- 2 can be configured to connect to THERMTRIP from LM93 measures the temperature of two remote diode con- a processor with nected transistors as well as its own die and 16 power supply -- 2 are standard GPIOs that could be used to monitor voltages. IERR signal To set fan speed, the LM93 has two PWM outputs that are n 2 general purpose inputs that can be used to monitor each controlled by up to four temperature zones. The fan- Integrated SCSI termination signals control algorithm is lookup table based. The LM93 includes a n Limit register comparisons of all monitored values digital filter that can be invoked to smooth temperature read- n 2-wire, SMBus 2.0 compliant, serial digital interface ings for better control of fan speed. The LM93 has four -- Supports byte/block read and write tachometer inputs to measure fan speed. Limit and status -- Configurable slave address (tri-level pin selects 1 of registers for all measured values are included. 3 possible addresses) The LM93 builds upon the functionality of previous mother- n 2.5V reference voltage output board management ASICs and uses some of the LM85 s Fan n 56-pin TSSOP package features (i.e. smart tachometer mode). It also adds measure-ment and control support for dynamic Vccp monitoring and n XOR-tree test mode PROCHOT. It is designed to monitor a dual processor Xeon Control class motherboard with a minimum of external components. 3.0 Key Specificationsn Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±2% FS (max) 2.0 Features n Resolution 8-bits, 1°C n 8-bit ADC n Temperature Sensor Accuracy ±3°C (max) n Monitors 16 power supplies n Temperature Range: for

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