Part # LM2896 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM1896 LM2896 Dual Audio Power Amplifier

Part Details:

LM1896LM2896 February 1995 LM1896 LM2896 Dual Audio Power Amplifier General Description Features The LM1896 is a high performance 6V stereo power amplifi- Y Low AM radiation er designed to deliver 1 watt channel into 4X or 2 watts Y Low noise Dual bridged monaural into 8X Utilizing a unique patented com- Y 3V 4X stereo Po e 250 mW pensation scheme the LM1896 is ideal for sensitive AM Y Wide supply operation 3V ­ 15V (LM2896) radio applications This new circuit technique exhibits lower Y Low distortion Audio wideband noise lower distortion and less AM radiation than Y No turn on ``pop conventional designs The amplifier s wide supply range Y Adjustable voltage gain and bandwidth (3V ­ 9V) is ideal for battery operation For higher supplies Y (V Smooth waveform clipping S l 9V) the LM2896 is available in an 11-lead single-in- line package The LM2896 package has been redesigned Y Po e 9W bridged LM2896 Power resulting in the slightly degraded thermal characteristicsshown in the figure Device Dissipation vs Ambient Tempera- Applications ture Y Compact AM-FM radios Y Stereo tape recorders and players Y High power portable stereos Amplifier Typical Applications TL H 7920 ­ 1 FIGURE 1 LM2896 in Bridge Configuration (AV e 400 BW e 20 kHz) Order Number LM1896N Order Number LM2896P See NS Package Number N14A See NS Package Number P11A C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation

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