Part # 1N916B datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: 1N_FDLL914-A-B-916-A-B-4148-4448 Rev

Part Details:

1N/FDL January 2007 L 914/A/B / 916/A/B / 4148 1N/FDLL 914/A/B / 916/A/B / 4148 / 4448Small Signal Diode LL-34 COLOR BAND MARKING DEVICE 1ST BAND 2ND BANDFDLL914 BLACK BROWN FDLL914A BLACK GRAYFDLL914B BROWN BLACKFDLL916 BLACK RED FDLL916A BLACK WHITE LL-34 FDLL916B BROWN BROWNFDLL4148 BLACK BROWN DO-35 THE PLACEMENT OF THE EXPANSION GAP FDLL4448 BROWN BLACK / 4448 Sm HAS NO RELATIONSHIP TO THE LOCATION Cathode is denoted with a black band OF THE CATHODE TERMINAL -1st band denotes cathode terminal and has wider width all Signal Diode Absolute Maximum Ratings* Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter Value Units VRRM Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage 100 V IO Average Rectified Forward Current 200 mA IF DC Forward Current 300 mA if Recurrent Peak Forward Current 400 mA IFSM Non-repetitive Peak Forward Surge CurrentPulse Width = 1.0 second 1.0 A Pulse Width = 1.0 microsecond 4.0 A TSTG Storage Temperature Range -65 to + 175 °C TJ Operating Junction Tempera -65 to + 175 °C

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1N916B.pdf Datasheet