Part # ADXL105 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADXL105 DS

Part Details:

a High Accuracy 1 g to 5 g Single Axis iMEMS® Accelerometer with Analog Input ADXL105* FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Monolithic IC Chip2 mg Resolution VDD 10 kHz BandwidthFlat Amplitude Response ( 1%) to 5 kHz ADXL105 TEMP Low Bias and Sensitivity Drift TOUT SENSOR Low Power 2 mA UNCOMMITTED AMPLIFIER Output Ratiometric to Supply ST User Scalable g RangeOn-Board Temperature Sensor X SENSOR Uncommitted AmplifierSurface Mount Package COM COM A V UCA +2.7 V to +5.25 V Single Supply Operation OUT VMID V NIN IN OUT 1000 g Shock Survival APPLICATIONSAutomotiveAccurate Tilt Sensing with Fast ResponseMachine Health and Vibration MeasurementAffordable Inertial Sensing of Velocity and PositionSeismic SensingRotational Acceleration GENERAL DESCRIPTION The ADXL105 can measure both dynamic accelerations, (typi- The ADXL105 is a high performance, high accuracy and com- cal of vibration) or static accelerations (such as inertial force, plete single-axis acceleration measurement system on a single gravity or tilt). monolithic IC. The ADXL105 offers significantly increased Output scale factors from 250 mV/g to 1.5 V/g are set using the bandwidth and reduced noise versus previously available micro- on-board uncommitted amplifier and external resistors. The machined devices. The ADXL105 measures acceleration with a device features an on-board temperature sensor with an output full-scale range up to ± 5 g and produces an analog voltage out- of 8 mV/°C for optional temperature compensation of offset vs. put. Typical noise floor is 225 µgHz allowing signals below temperature for high accuracy application. 2 mg to be resolved. A 10 kHz wide frequency response enables The ADXL105 is available in a hermetic 14-lead surface mount vibration measurement applications. The product exhibits signifi- Cerpak with versions specified for the 0°C to +70°C, and

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