Part # Brief STEVAL-IFS010V1 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: STR9 ZigBee extension board for the SN260 network processor

Part Details:

STEVAL-IFS010V1 STR9 ZigBee® extension board for the SN260 network processor Data Brief Features Digital interfaces: ­ 16 general purpose I/Os (GPIOs) ­ On e I2C bus interface ­ Two SPI bus interfaces: one is used to interface with the STR9 dongle and the other is available to extend the board with another SPI device ­ 2 external interrupts Digital MEMS in an LGA14 package (optional) 1 debug port 1 button and 2 LEDS Description The STR9 ZigBee extension board provides an SN260 ZigBee interface to an application using the STR9 dongle (part number STEVAL- STEVAL-IFS010V1 IFD001V1).The STMicroelectronics SN260 integrates a 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.15.4-compliant transceiver with a 16-bit network processor (XAP2b core) to run EmberZNetTM, the ZigBee-compliant network stack. The SN260 accesses the EmberZNet API across a standard SPI module, allowing application development on a host processor. This means that the SN260 can be viewed as a ZigBee peripheral connected over an SPI. The XAP2b microprocessor is a power-optimized core integrated in the SN260. It contains integrated Flash and RAM memory along with an optimized peripheral set to enhance the operation of the network stack. For additional information regarding the SN260, please refer to the device datasheet.This document should be used in conjunction with user manual UM0282, which describes the STR9 dongle (part number STEVAL-IFD001V1). July 2008 Rev 1 1/4 For further information contact your local STMicroelectronics sales office. 4 Block diagram STEVAL-IFS010V1 1 Block diagram Figure 1. STR9 ZigBee extension board schematic ZigBee U2 SN260 RSTB 1 17 LED_SDBG CN1 RSTB SDBG PS_DATA R21 HOST_INT 2 16 LED_ACTIVE 10 PS_FRAME 3.3 V HOST_INT ACTIVITY 9 RSTB 10 K SPI_SEL0 R22 3 15 WAKE_UP 8 SIF_LOADB

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