Part # Brief STR91X-DKIAR EWARM datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: AR Development tools for STR7 and STR9

Part Details:

EWARM, STR91X-DK/IAR IAR development tools for STR7 and STR9 microcontrollers Data Brief IAR s Embedded Workbench® for ARM (EWARM) is an easy-to-use, powerful integrated development environment for developing applications for the STR7 and STR9 ARMTM core-based microcontrollers. Based on solid technology, it seamlessly integrates a complete range of software tools in a comprehensive toolkit, recognized for its efficient code generation and unique debugging properties. It supports a range of debugging tools and in-circuit emulators including IAR s J-Link and J-Trace. EWARM is available in full and "baseline" (code-size limited) versions. EWARM is also available as part of the STR91x Advanced Development Kit (STR91X-DK/IAR) ­ a complete tool package that includes EWARM-BL512, evaluation board and J-Trace, which allows developers to take full advantage of the In addition to EWARM-BL512 with additional STR9 s Embedded Trace MacrocellTM for features such as flash downloader and sample execution trace during application debugging. applications, users of the STR91x Advanced Features Development Kit also receive: J-Trace ­ In-circuit debugger/programmer, All versions of EWARM include: featuring configurable trace capability with time C-SPY ­ IAR s state-of -the-art debugging stamp, filtering and triggers. Features USB interface featuring a full range of standard host interface and industry standard JTAG debugging features and support for a wide interface to the application board. range of in-circuit debugging/programming and STR912F Evaluation Board ­ Application trace tools such as IAR s J-Link, J-Trace and board designed for rapid, easy evaluation of tools from other third-parties such as ARM, STR91xF peripherals including Ethernet, USB, Ashling, Macraigor, Signum and more... CAN, I2C, SPI, UART and ADC. IAR C/C++ Cross Compiler ­ fully optimizing The STR91xF Advanced Development Kit also C/C++ compiler for ARMTM core-based MCUs. allows development and debugging of applications for STR7 microcontrollers. C-SPY debug 1-year support Plug-ins for EWARM Editions C/C++ compiler Misra C checker software and updates RTOS supports¹ EWARM standard edition Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes EWARM-BL 256K code-size limited Yes No No Yes

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