Part # M74HC4351 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Analog multiplexer demultiplexer with address latch : single 8 channel

Part Details:

M74HC4351 ANALOG MULTIPLEXER/DEMULTIPLEXER WITH ADDRESS LATCH : SINGLE 8 CHANNEL s LOGIC LEVEL TRANSLATION TO ENABLE 5V LOGIC SIGNAL TO COMMUNICATE WITH ± 5V ANALOG SIGNAL s LOW POWER DISSIPATION:ICC = 4µA(MAX.) at TA = 25 °C s LOW "ON" RESISTANCE:70 TYP. (VCC - VEE = 4.5V) DIP SOP TSSOP 50 TYP. (VCC - VEE = 9V) s WIDE ANALOG INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE ± 6v ORDER CODES s LOW CROSSTALK BETWEEN SWITCHES PACKAGE TUBE T & R s FAST SWITCHING DIP M74HC4351B1R s SINE WAVE DISTORTION:0.02% (TYP.) at V SOP M74HC4351M1R M74HC4351RM13TR CC - VEE = 9V TSSOP M74HC4351TTR s HIGH NOISE IMMUNITY:VNIH = VNIL = 28 % VCC (MIN.) s PIN AND FUNCTION COMPATIBLE WITH VEE supply pin is provided for analog input 74 SERIES 4351 signals. It has two enable inputs to enable all theswitches when high (EN2) or low (EN1). For DESCRIPTION operation as a digital multiplexer/demultiplexer , The M74HC4351 is an high speed CMOS VEE is connected to GND. ANALOG MULTIPLEXER/DEMULTIPLEXER The M74HC4351 is a single 8 channel multiplexer/ fabricated with silicon gate C2MOS technology. demultiplexer having three binary control inputs A, A built-in level shifting is included to allow an input B and C to select 1 of 8 to be turned on, and range up to ±6V (peak) for an analog signal with connected to the output. digital control signal of 0 to 6V.

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M74HC4351.pdf Datasheet