Part # MAX9242-MAX9254 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9242 4 6 DS

Part Details:

19-3954; Rev 2; 6/07 21-Bit Deserializers with Programmable Spread Spectrum and DC Balance MAX9242/MAX9244/MAX9246/MAX9254 General Description Features The MAX9242/MAX9244/MAX9246/MAX9254 deserialize Programmable ±4%, ±2%, or OFF Spread-Spectrum three LVDS serial-data inputs into 21 single-ended LVC- Output for Reduced EMI MOS/ LVTTL outputs. A separate parallel-rate LVDS clock Programmable DC-Balanced or Non-DC-Balanced provides the timing for deserialization. The MAX9242/ Modes MAX9244/MAX9246/MAX9254 feature spread-spectrum DC Balance Allows AC-Coupling for Wider Input capability, allowing the output data and clock frequency Common-Mode Voltage Range to spread over a specified range to reduce EMI. The sin- Spread Spectrum Operates in DC-Balanced or gle-ended data and clock outputs are programmable for Non-DC-Balanced Mode a frequency spread of ±2%, ±4%, or no spread. Thespread-spectrum function is also available when the High Output Drive (MAX9254) MAX9242/MAX9244/MAX9246/MAX9254 operate in non- / 4 Deskew by Oversampling DC-balanced mode. The modulation rate of the spread is (MAX9242/MAX9244/MAX9254) 32kHz for a 33MHz LVDS clock input and scales linearly 16MHz-to-34MHz (DC-Balanced) and 20MHz-to- with frequency. The single-ended outputs have a sepa- 40MHz (Non-DC-Balanced) Operation rate supply, allowing +1.8V to +5V output logic levels. (MAX9242/MAX9244/MAX9254) The MAX9254 features high output drive current for both 6MHz-to-18MHz (DC-Balanced) and 8MHz-to-20MHz data and clock outputs for faster transition times in the (Non-DC-Balanced) Operation (MAX9246) presence of heavy capacitive loads. Rising-Edge (MAX9242) or Falling-Edge The MAX9242/MAX9244/MAX9246/MAX9254 feature pro- (MAX9244/MAX9246/MAX9254) Output Strobe gram-mable DC balance, allowing isolation between a High-Impedance Outputs when PWRDWN is Low serializer and deserializer using AC-coupling. The Allow Output Busing MAX9242/MAX9244/MAX9246/MAX9254 operate with the Separate Output Supply Allows Interface to +1.8V, MAX9209/MAX9213 serializers and are available with a +2.5V, +3.3V, and +5V Logic rising-edge strobe (MAX9242) or falling-edge strobe LVDS Inputs Meet ISO 10605 ESD Protection at (MAX9244/MAX9246/MAX9254). The LVDS inputs meet ±30kV Air-Gap Discharge and ±6kV Contact ISO 10605 ESD specifications with ±30kV Air-Gap

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