Part # Application Note Power Supply And Power Management L6598 AN1673 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: L6598 off-line controller for resonant converters

Part Details:

AN1673 APPLICATION NOTE L6598 OFF-LINE CONTROLLER FOR RESONANT CONVERTERS INTRODUCTIONBecause of the much high efficiency that can be achieved (higher than the traditional PWM) and the re-duction of the high frequency electromagnetic interference (thanks to the utilization of parasitic parametersof the circuit), the interest for resonant topologies is recently growing in power conversion market. In factthis kind of topologies allows high power/weight ratio and low power dissipation of the power parts. Several power supply application segments such as Adapters, Television, Monitor, Telecom and Car Ra-dio can benefit by using converters based on the topology. The L6598 is designed for half bridge configuration.This paper deals on how to use this device. At the end, it will be discussed concerning some design criteriaand application tips. FEATURED DEVICE DESCRIPTIONThe device, whose internal block diagram is shown in fig.1, is an integrated circuit realized in Off-Line tech-nology. Able to drive Powermos or IGBT, in half bridge topology, it is provided with all the features (suchas VCO, Soft-Start, OP-Amp and Enables) needed to implement and control properly a resonant SMPSwith the minimum components count. Even though the device is able to withstand high voltage, it can operate at low voltage starting from itsoperative supply. It is available in DIP16 and SO16N packages.The most significant peculiarities are: dv ­ High voltage rail (up to 600V) and --- immunity (± 50 V/ns) at full temperature range. dt ­ 250 mA (source) / 450 mA (sink) driver current capability. ­ Under voltage lockout.­ Precise current controlled oscillator and frequency shift for soft-star function.­ Integrated bootstrap driver for C-boot charging. Figure 1. Internal Block diagram H.V. BUS CFIL VS 12 16 VBOOT OP AMP 5 + OPOUT BOOTSTRAP - DRIVER 6 15 HVG UV HVG OPIN- CBOOT 7 DETECTION DRIVER OPIN+ 14 OUT LOAD DEAD LEVEL Ifmin VS VREF TIME SHIFTER DRIVING LOGIC 11 LVG 4 LVG DRIVER 10 GND Vthe1 Rfmin + 8

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