Part # Application Notes Smartcard And Secure Solutions ST8004 AN1978 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: ST8004: smart card interface

Part Details:

AN1978 APPLICATION NOTE ST8004: SMART CARD INTERFACE 1. INTRODUCTION The ST8004 is a smart card interface designed to minimize the microprocessor hardware and software complexity in all the applications that need a smart card, such as Set-Top-Boxes, electronic payments,pay TV and identification. The ST8004 is compliant with the NDS requirements. It implements all the blocks and procedures for thecard activation/deactivation as shown in the block diagram of figure 1. Figure 1: ST8004 internal block diagram V V DD DDP 100nF 100nF 100nF S1 S2 21 ST8004 6 7 5 SUPPLY 4 PGND STEP-UP CONVERTER INTERNAL Vref REFERENCE INTERNAL OSCILLATOR 2.5MHz 100nF VOLTAGE 8 VUP SUPERVISOR ALARM En1 CLKUP VTHSEL OFF 18 23 17 VCC En2 VCC RSTIN 20 GENERATOR 100nF PVCC 14 CGND CMDVCC 19 En5 RST BUFFER

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Application Notes Smartcard And Secure Solutions ST8004 AN1978.pdf Datasheet