Part # MAX823-MAX825Z datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX823 4 5 DS

Part Details:

19-0487; Rev 5; 12/05 5-Pin Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits With Watchdog Timer and Manual Reset MAX823/MAX824/MAX825 ________________General Description Features The MAX823/MAX824/MAX825* microprocessor (µP) Precision Monitoring of +2.5V, +3V, +3.3V, and supervisory circuits combine reset output, watchdog, +5V Power Supplies and manual reset input functions in 5-pin SOT23 and Operating Current: 6µA (MAX823L/M) (SC70) SC70 packages. They significantly improve system relia- 2µA (MAX825T/S/R/Z/Y) (SC70) bility and accuracy compared to separate ICs or discretecomponents. The MAX823/MAX824/MAX825 are specifi- Fully Specified Over Temperature cally designed to ignore fast transients on VCC. 140ms min Power-On Reset Seven preprogrammed reset threshold voltages are Guaranteed RESET Valid to VCC = 1V available (see Reset Threshold Table). All three devices Power-Supply Transient Immunity have an active-low reset output, which is guaranteed tobe in the correct state for V Watchdog Timer with 1.6s Timeout CC down to 1V. The MAX823 also offers a watchdog input and manual reset input. (MAX823/MAX824) The MAX824 offers a watchdog input and a comple- Manual Reset Input (MAX823/MAX825) mentary active-high reset. The MAX825 offers a manual No External Components reset input and a complementary active-high reset. TheSelector Guide explains the functions offered in this Ordering Information series of parts. *Patents Pending PART TEMP. RANGE PIN-PACKAGE ________________________Applications MAX823_EXK-T -40°C to +85°C 5 SC70-5 Computers and Controllers MAX823_EUK-T -40°C to +125°C 5 SOT23-5 Embedded Controllers MAX824_EXK-T -40°C to +85°C 5 SC70-5 Intelligent Instruments Insert the desired suffix letter (from the Reset Threshold table) into Automotive Systems the blank to complete the part number. All devices are available in Critical µP Monitoring

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