Part # LM6121 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM6121 LM6221 LM6321 High Speed Buffer

Part Details:

LM6121/LM6221/LM6321 March 2004 LM6121/LM6221/LM6321High Speed BufferGeneral Description Features These high speed unity gain buffers slew at 800 V/µs and n High slew rate: 800 V/µs have a small signal bandwidth of 50 MHz while driving a 50 n Wide bandwidth: 50 MHz load. They can drive ±300 mA peak and do not oscillate n Slew rate and bandwidth 100% tested while driving large capacitive loads. The LM6121 family are n Peak output current: ±300 mA monolithic ICs which offer performance similar to the n High input impedance: 5 M LH0002 with the additional features of current limit and High n LH0002H pin compatible thermal shutdown. n No oscillations with capacitive loads These buffers are built with National s VIPTM (Vertically Inte- n 5V to ±15V operation guaranteed grated PNP) process which provides fast PNP transistors Speed that are true complements to the already fast NPN devices. n Current and thermal limiting This advanced junction-isolated process delivers high speed n Fully specified to drive 50 lines performance without the need for complex and expensivedielectric isolation. Applicationsn Line Driving Buffer n Radar n Sonar Simplified Schematic 00922301 Numbers in ( ) are for 8-pin N DIP. VIPTM is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation. © 2004 National Semiconductor Corporation DS009223 Connection Diagrams Plastic DIP LM6121/LM6221/LM6321 00922302 *Heat-sinking pins. See Application section on heat sinking requirements. Order Number LM6221N, LM6321N or LM6121J/883 See NS Package Number J08A or N08E Metal Can 00922303

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