Part # MMBD4448 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: MMBD4448 High Conductance Fast Diode

Part Details:

DISCRETE POWER AND SIGNAL MMBD4448 TECHNOLOGIES General Description: Features: The high breakdown voltage, fast switching speed and high · 350 milliwatt Power Dissipation package. forward conductance of this diode packaged in a SOT-23 · High Breakdown Voltage, Fast Switching Speed. Surface Mount package makes it desirable also as a generalpurpose diode. · Typical capacitance less than 1.5 picofarad. High Conductance Ordering: Fast Diode · 7 inch reel (178 mm); 8 mm Tape; 3,000 units per reel. Absolute Maximum Ratings* TA = 25OC unless otherwise notedSym Parameter Value Units Tstg Storage Temperature -55 to +150 OC TJ Operating Junction Temperature -55 to +150 OC PD Total Power Dissipation at TA = 25OC 350 W Linear Derating Factor from TA = 25OC 2.8 mW/OC ROJA Thermal Resistance Junction-to-Ambient 357 OC/W Wiv Working Inverse Voltage 75 V IO Average Rectified Current 200 mA IF DC Forward Current (IF) 600 mA if Recurrent Peak Forward Current (IF) 700

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MMBD4448.pdf Datasheet