Part # MAX976-MAX998 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX976 78 98 DS

Part Details:

19-1299; Rev 2; 2/07 Single/Dual/Quad, SOT23, Single-Supply, High-Speed, Low-Power Comparators MAX976/MAX978/MAX998 ________________General Description ____________________________Features The MAX976/MAX978/MAX998 dual/quad/single, high- Single-Supply Operation Down to 2.7V speed, low-power comparators are optimized for+3V/+5V single-supply applications. They achieve a 20ns Propagation Delay 20ns propagation delay while consuming only 225µA 225µA Supply Current supply current per comparator. The MAX998 features alow-power shutdown mode that places the output in a 1nA Shutdown Supply Current high-impedance state and reduces supply current Rail-to-Rail Outputs to 1nA. Ground-Sensing Inputs The MAX976/MAX978/MAX998 inputs have a common-mode voltage range that extends 200mV below ground. Internal Hysteresis Ensures Clean Switching Their outputs are capable of rail-to-rail operation with- Available in Space-Saving Packages out external pullup circuitry, making these devices idealfor interface with CMOS/TTL logic. All inputs and out- SOT23-6 (MAX998) puts can tolerate a continuous short-circuit fault condi- µMAX (MAX976) tion to either rail. The comparators internal hysteresis QSOP-16 (MAX978) ensures clean output switching, even with slow-movinginput signals. For space-critical applications, the single MAX998 is _______________Ordering Information available in a 6-pin SOT23 package, the dual MAX976is available in an 8-pin µMAX® package, and the quad SOT PKG MAX978 is available in a 16-pin QSOP package. PART* PIN-PACKAGE TOP MARK CODE ________________________Applications MAX976ESA 8 SO -- S8-2 Battery-Powered Systems MAX976EUA 8 µMAX -- U8-1 Threshold Detectors/Discriminators MAX978ESE 16 Narrow SO -- E16M-1 MAX978EEE

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