Part # TSM107 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: riple operational amplifier and voltage reference

Part Details:

TSM107 Triple Operational Amplifier and Voltage Reference Operational Amplifier: Medium bandwidth (unity gain): 0.9MHz Large output voltage swing: 0V to (V - 1.5V) CC Input common mode voltage range includes ground Wide power supply range: 3.8 to 32V D ±1.9 TO ±16V SO-8 1.5kV ESD Protection (HBM) (Plastic Micropackage) Voltage Reference: Fixed output voltage reference 0.83V PIN CONNECTIONS (top view) ±1.6% Voltage precision including Vio Description The TSM107 is a monolithic IC that includes three Out1 Vcc 1 0.8V 8 op-amp for which the non-inverting input is wired - + to a 0.83V fixed voltage reference. This device Ve- Out3 2 7 offers both space and cost savings in many + - applications such as power supply management + - Out2 Ve- or data acquisition systems.. 3 6 Ve- 4 Gnd 5 Order Codes Part Number Temperature Range Package Packaging Marking TSM107ID Tube -40°C, +105°C

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TSM107.pdf Datasheet