Part # LMH6533 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6533 Four -Channel Laser Diode Driver with Dual Output, LVDS Interface and HFM Oscillator

Part Details:

Oscillator LMH6533 May 2004 LMH6533 Four Four ­Channel Laser Diode Driver with Dual Output,LVDS Interface and HFM Oscillator ­Channel General Description Features The LMHTM 6533 is a laser diode driver for use in combina- n Fast switching: Rise and fall times <0.8 ns tion DVD/CD recordable and rewritable systems. The part n Low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) channels contains two high-current outputs for reading and writing the enable interface for the fast switching lines DVD (650 nm) and CD (780 nm) lasers. Functionality in- n Low output current noise: <0.5nA/ Laser cludes read, write and erase through four separate switched n Dual output: Selectable by SELB pin (active HIGH) current channels. The channel currents are summed to- n Four independent current channels gether at the selected output to generate multilevel wave- -- Gain of 300, 300 mA write channel forms for reading, writing and erasing of optical discs. The -- Gain of 150, 150 mA low-noise read channel Diode LVDS interface delivers DVD write speeds of 12x and higher -- Two gain of 150, 150 mA write channels while minimizing noise and crosstalk. The LMH6533 is opti- -- 500 mA minimum combined output current mized for both speed and power consumption to meet the n Integrated AC Coupled HFM Oscillator demands of next generation systems. The part features a -- Selectable frequency and amplitude setting by 150 mA read channel plus one 300 mA and two 150 mA write Driver external resistors channels, which can be summed to allow a total output -- 200 MHz to 600 MHz frequency range current of 500 mA or greater. The channel currents are set -- Amplitude to 100 mA peak-to-peak modulation through four independent current inputs. n Complete shutdown by ENABLE pin The part is manufactured in National Semiconductor s n 5V single-supply operation with VIP10TM process, which features bonded wafer technologyand trench isolation for very high switching speeds at low n Logic inputs TTL and CMOS compatible power levels. An on-board High-Frequency Modulator (HFM) n Space saving Leadless Leadframe Package LLP®-28 oscillator helps reduce low-frequency noise of the laser and Dual is enabled with the ENOSC pin. The fully differential oscilla- Applications

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